Studio Sessions

A truly unique learning opportunity

Our Vadis Studio Sessions allow you to safely explore and maximize learning from your own experiences and engage in guided practice of your craft. Have you ever been to a workshop that you felt was informative only to find yourself unable to put what you have learned into practice in your own workplace?

The goal of our Studio Sessions is to eliminate information overload. Instead, through work and practice, we help you sharpen your skills and develop new ones.

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Current Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions are Revolutionary

Grow Together

Learn and grow with a small group of peers who share a passion for their work and understand the complexities and challenges of their environment.

Apply Your Knowledge

Apply what you learn by working through real time situations within the safety of this small supportive group setting.

Benefits of Participating in a Studio Session

Vadis Studio Sessions offer a series of advanced seminars interspersed with individual coaching sessions. Facilitators will focus on the strengths, needs, and expectations of group members. As a participant, you will experience:

  • Increased confidence
  • Lower stress
  • Exposure to new skills & knowledge
  • Professional & personal insight
  • Peer support network and connections